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Our Services

In keeping with our successful method, we offer the following services in each area:


  • Complete Physical Examination
  • On-site X-ray (Plain film X-ray)
  • Bone Density Screening
  • Laboratory Testing (draw blood for testing)
  • Electrodiagnostic Testing (EMG, NCV, etc)


  • Spinal Manipulation (Manual and Drop Table)
  • Cox Axial Decompression (For Disc, Stenosis and Facet Problems)
  • Physical Therapy Modalities (Ultrasound, Electrical Stim, Traction, etc)
  • High Power Laser Pain Therapy
  • Home Care Techniques (Exercise, Lifestyle Modifications)


  • Specific Exercise Programs (Individual to your needs)
  • Ergonomic Instruction (Proper work posture)
  • Nutritional Advice/Supplementation (What supplements would be best for you?)
  • Orthotics and Support Pillows (Braces, Foot Supports, Support Pillows)


  • Exercise/Walking Programs
  • Nutritional /Dietary Advice
  • Lifestyle Evaluation and Modifications
  • Supplies/Supplements

Let us work with you to achieve health, then to stay healthy!